Piña Co-Opa at Black Star Co-op

I saw a tweet from Black Star yesterday that made me get a little excited. They’ve been working on some tiki themed beers recently and they’ve been pretty good, but this time they were serving out of coconuts and pineapples! I’m a sucker for different types of drinking vessels, so I had to go. I also really like their beer.


I was given the choice of a coconut or pineapple. I chose a coconut and it was a little hard to figure out how to drink out of it at first. Like with most beer related challenges though, if you keep trying you’ll get to that cold refreshing brew.  The beer had fruit notes without being overpoweringly fruity. I usually am not a piña colada person because I don’t like alcohol burn. This was perfectly balanced. Being a beer it had just the right amount of alcohol for me the ABV if I remember correctly was at 7.5 percent.

You can find Black Star Co-op over in Midtown Commons by Airport and N. Lamar

Full disclosure I am a member of the coop, and a volunteer member of the Board of Directors. I really love this place and all the people who work there.

Marcus holding a beer in a coconut

It was quite delicious. (Black Star sticker is on the hoodie for fun)

January 10, 2018