Just Post Something

Today there are three things worth mentioning.

1. The train on the way home was stopped for 20 minutes or so without really much of an explaination. This caused me to miss my bus transfer, but in the end I’m ok with that since I got to stop in and have a beer. This leads straight over to point two.

2. I love BlackStar.coop and I just had a great shepherd’s pie. We’ve been having frigid temperatures lately and it really hit the spot. Oh, but Marcus what did you drink? Well I had a Vulcan, six point something abv rye IPA), and a Crackberry cider. As anticipated both were spectacular. While here I also ran into two people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was great to see them.

3. 50 First Jokes is happening tonight. I love Austin’s comedy scene, and this is going to be a show with 50 comedians all telling the first new joke of the year. Talking and listening to podcasts it seems there is debate on if the joke has to be written today, untold prior to today, or just not used in a paid gig. Whatever the case may be I am looking forward to this. The doors are in about an hour though so this will have to do for my first, albeit short post.

Have a happy rest of your day!

(227 grains of marcus)

January 3, 2018